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Non classical Martial Arts and Self-Defence



Based at Longton Women's Institute

The Cheongye Kwan Martial Arts Institute is a school of self-discipline and self-development, it does not condition students to conform to a standard set way of doing things using set doctrines and policies that would ultimately restrict them, but is considered to be a constant stripping of complicated maneuvers to leave the student with crisp, sharp, unimpeded reactions. The CKI was developed because Master Cook believed that an aggressive encounter is impulsive and unprompted and that a Martial Artist should not try to forecast it, only react to it. He had tired of being frustrated during sparring and self-defence practice, always feeling restricted by the rules of the arts he practiced and having to hold back techniques that would have been more appropriate during the sessions but were disallowed due to their regulations. He thought this was completely opposite to the objective of effective success in a confrontation.



Formed in 2005 in Longton

The Cheongye Kwan is a Martial Arts philosophy founded by Barry Cook that has simple and direct movements using an intentionally non-classical style. Cheongye Kwan practitioners base their training on minimal movements with maximum effect and speed. The system works by using any technique that an individual finds effective in any given situation. We believe that helping students change and develop from a beginner into a more dedicated and serious student is a privilege, and for those who stay and become lifelong members, unbreakable and indissoluble bonds are created bound with mutual respect and admiration.

Our instructors are highly qualified and hold formal teaching qualifications, as well as First Aid and Health & Safety awards, and all instructors hold an Enhanced DBS Disclosure and full Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.

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The Cheongye Kwan Founder



In 2003 aged 33, Master Cook opened a Taekwondo school in Longton, but he believed that he could offer more than just a stand-alone Martial Art, so he began formulating and developing a Martial Arts method of his own utilising his knowledge, experience, and achievements of training within 5 different systems. Two years later in 2005, the foundations were set and the development of his own Martial Arts system was ready. Over the next two years, his mission was to finalise and prepare a top-level, systematic, scientific, and dynamic Martial Art that everyone could practice which resulted in the official formation and opening of the Cheongye Kwan Institute in 2007.

Master Cook has had training in many Martial Arts over his 42 years of training, as well as having received elite Military training and Unarmed Defence Training in Law Enforcement He has also received many commendations & accolades from all over the world, including the USA, UK, and Korea.

Master Cook began his Martial Arts career in 1979 at the age of 9 when he started training in Judo, achieving his first Black Belt in 1982 aged 12. Shortly after he joined Ju-Jitsu, and achieved his second Black Belt in 1985 aged 15. Later that year he changed to Shotokan Karate and achieved his third Black Belt in 1989 aged 19. A year later Master Cook joined the Kukkiwon method of  Taekwondo achieving his fourth Black Belt in 1997 aged 27. So because of his experience and education, this gave him a solid platform upon which to develop his new teaching philosophy.

Master Cook is a graduate and holds a BA honours degree, and is currently studying for a Master's degree.



We accept students from 5 years old and have no upper age limit. Your first lesson is FREE, all you have to do is come to your first class in normal sports clothing, (T-Shirt and Tracksuit Pants) and when you join we even give you a FREE fully embroidered uniform of your own.

To add to this, we do not charge membership fees or joining fees, members simply pay an annual Martial Arts participation insurance fee of £30 (ages 5-15) or £35 (16+), and lesson fees which are paid on a monthly basis. Lessons costs are as follows:

Ages 5-14 is £20 per month for one class a week or £35 for 2 classes a week.

Ages 15+ is £35 per month for one class a week or £65 for 2 classes a week.

We also offer family discounts of 25% for every other family member from the same household.

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Remember, 1st lesson free and no joining fees!

The minute you walk into our Academy you will feel the energy and enthusiasm that our students have! At our school you can expect to get much more than just physical training, discipline, or self-defence, you will also find yourself making many new friends. Business professionals, teachers, students, mums, dads, even entire families all train together in a healthy and positive environment. All instructors are Covid-19 Aware and have taken several courses to have the most up to date training.

Longton Women's Institute

Mondays (Senior Class) 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Tuesdays (Junior Class) 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Wednesdays (Senior Class) 7:00pm - 8:30pm

New Junior Friday class starting soon.

01772 619869

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Kind words from friends and family.


When I met my husband in 2006, he had recently finished forming the method of Martial Arts that would change his life forever. He worked hard everyday to get the foundations and groundwork just right before he made it a practicable philosophy and opened it to the general public. I had not heard much about the Martial Arts until I met Barry, but boy did that change shortly after. Since that time it has dominated my life and the lives of our children just as much as it dominates Barry’s. Even now all these years on, I am as impressed in Barry’s perpetual dedication and commitment to the Martial Arts as his students and friends are, and I don’t know anybody else who puts as much heart and soul into a lifelong passion as he does.

Helen Cook

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In order for an instructor to properly convey Martial Arts skills and philosophies to their students, they must first possess, among others, the essential qualities of integrity, passion and perseverance. In the time that I have known Barry Cook, he has grown from an exceptional Martial Artist, representing his country on the international stage, to developing his own unique Martial Art: Cheongye Kwan. I have spoken with Barry on several occasions regarding his Martial path and have observed him training first hand as a student in my class, and I can honestly say that his dedication, motivation and sheer determination to excel are limitless. He is a devoted family man, friend and inspirational human being.

Phillip Rhee


Master Barry Cook is an outstanding Martial Artist and Instructor and has proven himself to be a source of great inspiration and guidance to the many people who have passed through his school at the Cheongye Kwan. He is always striving for the highest standards and has exceptional dedication and motivation to his Martial Arts endeavors. Barry always displays extraordinary commitment and perseverance to those who follow him and he is considered a leader who sets by example in all that he does. His outstanding achievements within the Martial Arts overall speaks for themselves. I have always found Barry to be sincere and compassionate in nature and I consider his integrity to be the most important part of his personal character.

Chris Davies


In every sport there are players, there are champions and there are heroes. Master Barry Cook is one of those special people who goes above and beyond in everything that he puts his mind to. His tenacity is relentless and he simply does not have an off switch when it comes to his sheer devotion and dedication to his art and to his path within the Martial Arts. Master Cook has such an endless and diverse knowledge that spans across countless related fields and anyone who has ever met him or spoken with him will know that they are speaking with a man of outstanding commitment and loyalty to a lifelong passion: the Martial Arts.

Joe Cayer



The Cheongye Kwan Institute provides an integrated schedule of learning on many topics. Our classes combine hands-on experience with knowledge-based teaching. A CPD registered and RQF (Ofqual regulated) training provider we offer a full range of qualifications that are specifically tailored to the Martial Arts sector. This is done under our training name: MATAC (Martial Arts Teachers Advanced Compliance) Awards & Qualifications. These include coaching qualifications and much more. 

One of our newest First Aid qualifications is the: Level 2 Award in Identifying & Responding to Signs of Concussion in Sport (RQF), which is a valuable award to have.

We are also a counter-signatory organisation, registered to issue Enhanced DBS Disclosure certificates which are mandatory within the Cheongye Kwan for all Black Belts and instructors aged 18 and above. We also offer a full professional school policy writing service in areas such as First Aid and Safeguarding.



Professional Development

We also deliver Ofqual regulated RQF qualifications at levels 1-5 (Award, Certificate, and Diploma) in all areas of compliance such as First Aid (RQF). The website can be found at www.matac.org.uk


Staying Compliant

We offer Enhanced DBS certificates to make sure that instructors and their staff continue to maintain their professional development and legislative requirements.

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Level 6 Awards

We offer instructors the option to gain a professionally recognised teaching qualification in the form of Ofqual levels 3 - 6 in Education and Training (RQF).



Master Cook with some Cheongye Kwan Institute students training at a seminar run by Martial Arts movie actor and 6 time World Professional Karate Association Full-Contact Karate Champion Bill "Superfoot" Wallace.



We look forward to seeing you


No joining fees
No membership fees
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Your 1st lesson is free
Free uniform when you join
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Separate adult and junior lessons