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At our Ju-Jitsu Club, we strive to empower students to tackle challenges and take on new experiences. Below you’ll find the information you need about our classes, our team, and our methodology. We are an International Martial Arts Federation (Europe) registered member and we welcome new students so feel free to contact us or come down and try a free class.

Martial Arts with Samurai Swords

Ju-Jitsu Classes

Our Dojo provides an integrated lesson schedule of teaching through exploration, analysis, and self-reflection. Our classes combine hands-on experience with knowledge-based teaching of authentic Japanese Ju-Jitsu including hand to hand combat and weapons training. We accept students from age 5 and upwards including complete beginners and advanced Martial Arts practitioners.


Hutton Village Hall

Restarting soon

Longton Women's Institute

Mondays (Senior Class) 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Tuesdays (Junior Class) 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Wednesdays (Senior Class) 7:00pm - 8:30pm

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Leadership Development

Growing Together

Advanced Practice

Confidence through practice

Control & Confidence

Mastering yourself


About us

Since we opened in 2003, Master Cook has had the opportunity to help countless students acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques, and confidently move forward in their learning journey. We live by a code called Bushido (武士道), which gives a template by which all Ju-Jitsu students can model their lives. Ju-Jitsu practitioners are considered to be model citizens and productive, supportive members of their communities, the Bushido code helps us to cultivate and develop these characteristics. This helps them to learn commitment and dedication to a project that they have set themselves, which in turn develops determination and focus, as well as self-discipline and motivation.

Karate Course

Our Dojo

We believe that learning never stops. We pride ourselves on having great clubs here in Preston, with welcoming and professional staff and coaches, as well as friendly and helpful classmates, it really is a great place to embark or continue on your Martial Arts journey! Train in a professional and friendly Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Martial Arts Dojo. If you want to improve your health, make new friends and develop a great range of new skills, then our club is the place for you. No need to book an appointment, just come down and try a free class. We accept students from 5 years old and have no upper age limit. Your first lesson is FREE, and we do not charge membership fees or joining fees, members simply pay an annual Martial Arts participation insurance fee of £30 (ages 5-15) or £35 (16+). 

Ages 5-14 is £20 per month. Ages 15+ is £35 per month for one class a week or £65 for 2 classes a week.

We also offer family discounts of 25% for every other family member from the same household.



Celebrity friends of Sensei Cook

Bill Superfoot Wallace

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The Chief Instructor

Sensei Cook is the National Technical Director (NTD) of Ju-Jitsu for the International Martial Arts Federation Europe - UK Branch. It is his role to oversee the practice and development of Ju-Jitsu throughout the UK branch of the federation.

Sensei Cook is an 8th Dan (8段) Shihan (師範) meaning Master, and he is the Soke (宗家) meaning Head/Founder of our Dojo (道場), but prefers the title Sensei (先生) meaning Teacher. He has more than 41 years of training and competing in Budo (Martial Arts 武道). Since forming our club in 2003, Sensei Cook has gone from strength to strength in his development of Ju-Jitsu, not only within the UK, but across the world. He travels to the United States each year to attend international forums and assemblies in order to maintain a high standard of Ju-Jitsu knowledge to bring back to the UK and to our Dojo.

Sensei Cook is a PE teacher and teaches the national PE curriculum in Preston, Lancashire.

Sensei Barry Cook

Sensei Cook is a published author and has a new book on the way. He is highly respected around the world for his incredible dedication and commitment to Ju-Jitsu, and has been awarded many accolades including a Martial Arts lifetime achievement award, and is inducted into the world famous International Black Belt Hall of Fame.

Sensei Cook is part of a high level International organisation of Masters and Grandmasters and trains with many of Hollywoods outstanding Martial Arts Actors, Directors and Stunt Choreographers. Sensei Cook also has many commendations and letters of gratitude from around the world for his tireless efforts and service to the Martial Arts.


Frequent Questions

What is the Ju-Jitsu?

The Barry Cook Ju-Jitsu Academy is an authentic, traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu Dojo. We have no interest in impressing anyone, nor do we train to put on a show, we train for health, knowledge and defence.

Are the Instructors well trained?

Yes. We ensure that all instructors have the highest Martial Arts Qualifications available. We have a uniquely comprehensive Instructor training programme that utilises formal QCF/RQF teaching qualifications registered with Ofqual.

Are you a Governing Body?

We run as an independent Japanese Ju-Jitsu Dojo, but we also hold a selected membership of a national and international governing body in order to maintain knowledge, further development and to create lasting friendships. We are registered members of the I.M.A.F. Europe.

What shall I wear for the class?

You can come to your first class in normal sports clothing, (T-Shirt and Tracksuit Pants), and when you join we will give you a FREE Ju-Jitsu uniform and the BCJJA and I.M.A.F. Europe UK patches.

How much are the lessons and fees?

Your first lesson is free and we do not charge membership fees or joining fees, members simply pay an annual Ju-Jitsu participation insurance fee of £30 or £35 (16+), and lesson fees that are paid on a monthly basis. Lessons cost £20 per month (under 14), and £60 per month for 15+. We also offer family discounts.

At what age can I join?

We accept students from 5 years old and have no upper age limit. We believe that Ju-Jitsu is for everyone who is willing to learn.


Get in Touch

Hutton Village Hall, Moor Lane, Preston, PR4 5SE
Women's Institute Hall on School Lane, Longton, PR4 5YA

Tel. 01772 619869

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To us, Ju-Jitsu isn't just about learning how to defend yourself, its about offering our members a path, a way of life that they can use as a template for the kind of person they are, or want to become in the future. We help them to set goals for themselves in the short and long term, and when they achieve them and their confidence grows, then they start to set longer and further goals to achieve.

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